Culture Online was established with the goal of promoting culture and language through online language lessons and workshops. We want to facilitate learning about Dutch history and culture through city walking tours. Culture Online is for Au Pairs, expats, and for students who want to explore the country. We would like to build this community to enable connection with each other and more importantly, through the various courses and activities from Culture Online they may be able to have enough knowledge to connect to the locals in the Netherlands.

Culture Online offers online language courses (English and Dutch), workshops (all conducted Virtually for now, but soon we will be offering in-person workshops), and city walking tours which you may read more about on the Course tab of our website. All our courses and workshops are online and we have professional teachers or experts that will be with you in these courses. These teachers or experts are currently living in the Netherlands and have many relevant international experiences. They will provide online lessons with the personalized expertise of professional teachers. Our city walking tours are also done by professional tour guides that will show you the sights to see and will teach you a thing or two about the places you will be visiting. These activities can also help you to meet new people so we highly encourage you all to join!

For anyone who is planning to be an Au Pair or anyone who wants to be an international in the Netherlands, the courses and workshops we offer may also be of help so that you may be well-prepared prior to your stay in the Netherlands.

We may also assist you with Au Pair applications for families who want to host Au Pairs and aspiring Au Pairs who wants to join the Dutch or European Au Pair program. You may sign up on the Register tab of our website.

Bridging Cultures

Language forms a bridge to communicate and understand the culture better. The nuances of culture are best observed through language. Oftentimes, life in a new country is exciting, yet a difficult transition. As you do the administrative procedures, settle down in a new home, explore new landscapes and try different foods in a new country, you soon realize the importance of knowing the basics of the local language.

Why learn the language?

Culture and language are inseparable. The Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition defines culture as the “shared patterns of behaviors and interactions, cognitive constructs, and effective understanding that are learned through a process of socialization. These shared patterns identify the members of a culture group while also distinguishing those of another group.”

When someone starts in a new country, learning the language aids in understanding the culture better. Lapses in communication may hinder the feeling of belongingness in a different country. The promotion of cultural understanding is vital in language learning. Whether you are here for a year as an Au Pair or as a student or for work, understanding the language and culture may help make your life better in the Netherlands.