Living in the Netherlands

Around 90-93% of the population in the Netherlands speak English proficiently. The trade and commerce industry in the country gave a strong emphasis on learning English and other European languages. This is why improving your English fluency in this country is essential. But if all of Netherlands speak English, why learn Dutch? Well, the official language is still Dutch and a new level of cultural perspective can be formed by knowing the language. A great sense of belonging and excitement exists in the language learning process. It brings the people and the community together.

If you attend one Dutch birthday party you will understand what we mean. While you will be warmly welcomed, Dutch parties are usually spent sitting down and having long conversations with other guests while having snacks and drinks. In these instances, internationals may feel lost since they cannot speak and understand the language. The experience will be different when you try to speak the language.

As an international person who joined their partner who moved to work in NL, language learning can help you explore the country and make your quality of life better. Moreover, you will understand the multitude of letters that you will receive from the Gementee (Municipality) or Belastingdienst (Tax Office) better than before!

Culture Online wants to build these bridges of learning the culture, language and most of all making your time in the Netherlands, whether it be for a year or more, the best possible experience.

Working or Studying in the Netherlands

If you are planning to study or work later in the Netherlands, you would be thankful for having started learning the language earlier than later. When the natives casually converse at work, they tend to speak in Dutch. Having a basic understanding of the language can give you the ability to engage and help build great networks and relationships.

Working as an Au Pair in the Netherlands

Au Pairs come to the Netherlands to learn about the culture and have some experience living in the country while staying with a host family. They often enroll in language lessons that are not tailored to their needs. At Culture Online, we have tailored lessons for Au Pairs and internationals that will help them learn:

Language they can use while taking care of the children and in communicating with the families
Language they can use in their free time to socialize, make friends and achieve their day-to-day activities,
Language that will help them cope with living in a new country where the language of administration and survival is Dutch or English