Our Team

Our unique team is made up of native speakers and internationals who have lived in many countries and innately loves people, different cultures and languages.

Meet Veena

Veena has more than 8 years of experience in engaging in various roles in the field of banking, small businesses and on the non-profit sector. Following a path of self-discovery and connecting with her purpose, she trained to become a Coach in 2016.

She has completed her Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Coaching Mastery certificate, and is also trained in person-centered counselling.

In 2018, she founded Forerunners Consulting and Coaching. Her vision is to help individuals explore their path to self-discovery and to find their purpose. She ignites physical, mental, spiritual transformations for expat partners, young adults, people in transition and people who are undergoing a mid-life transition.

She supports small and medium-sized businesses to grow and have better clarity in their business strategies, operational procedures and business development. She also provides smart business solutions to SMEs.

Veena does these through consulting, coaching and transformative workshops.

Veena is working as our Program Manager and is supporting cultural exchange students navigate their year in the Netherlands. She has led hundreds of Au Pairs through an on-boarding program called – ‘Samen’

To know more about her work, please visit forerunnersconsulting-coaching.com

Meet Grace

Grace is the Placement Manager for Culture Online; she is a registered nurse by profession and a licensed financial advisor in the Philippines. She has 10 years of experience in sales and marketing, business development, and account management in one of the leading financial technology companies in the Philippines. She excelled in a top management position as a local manager and was a significant contributor to her organization. In her vast industry experience, she developed a high level of excellence in customer service management, human resource, and has a shared enthusiastic commitment to client goal attainment.

Meet Maia

Maia is the Back-Office Manager for Culture Online. After completing her bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship, she participated in the cultural exchange program in the Netherlands. She has completed training in Business English and Business Process Improvement concepts. As the Back-Office Manager, she follows up on administrative work and does magic with her detail orientation.