Dutch Course

On the Dutch Fluency and advanced courses, you will enjoy our unique and tailor-made lessons which will help you converse and have a better understanding of the Dutch language.

Manon, our native Dutch language teacher, will use everyday situations you may face to enhance your conversational Dutch, all the while teaching you the essential grammar. She will also make sure that your pronunciation is emphasized as you include new words to your Dutch vocabulary.

The Dutch Fluency course has the goal of improving your confidence and building your vocabulary. The course will help improve your communication skills, fluency and also teach you a whole lot about the Dutch culture which can greatly help you on your stay in the Netherlands. The course focuses on the language that you can use at home, work or with your neighbors. This course can also be an opportunity for you to socialize and make friends!

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English Course

On the English communication and fluency course, specifically designed for Au Pairs, you will enjoy our useful and engaging lesson material which includes a variety of activities and methods as well as interesting topics that you can really use in your day-to-day lives.

This course will help you to achieve two main goals: firstly, to learn English that you can use with the children you are looking after and to manage your role within the Host Family. Secondly, to improve your confidence and fluency in spoken English so that you can communicate effectively with new friends in this international environment and achieve your day-to-day goals and tasks.

You will enjoy English lessons from Barbara, an experienced and highly-qualified native-speaking teacher from Great Britain with CELTA (Cambridge) training. Every lesson is prepared and delivered to the highest standard so that you can reach your potential in the English language and learn quickly and effectively. Whether you are a beginner or you want to improve and build on the English skill you already have, this course will help you to reach your goals and explore your full potential.

Gain skills, gain fluency and gain confidence in all your English-language interactions! Sign up today if you are interested! We only have a few slots for the lessons.

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