City Walking Tour Package

Besides learning about the Dutch language and culture through Culture Online, you also shouldn’t miss our walking tours! A walking tour is the best way of experiencing a new place! In walking tours, you get to go around and learn about the stories and history of the place you are visiting.

We have specifically organized this city walking tour for Au Pairs, but it can also cater to international students and exchange students. City walking tours does not only introduce the culture and history of the Netherlands; in this activity, we will also share what we know about the Dutch culture, connect with others, and learn new things together.

Our tour guide will be with you in visiting the five of the most famous cities in the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Harlem. You will meet one of our professional tour guides in each city, and he/she will be your 2-hour escort around the city. During this tour, you should expect the unexpected because it´s not only about learning the history of the place and sightseeing. It is also an activity where you will get to meet and connect with other people.

This tour package costs €100, and you may join the tour whenever you want during a whole year. Each city tour is held once every month (more tours will be added in the future), on a scheduled time. In this way, you may be able to choose which city you would like to visit at a particular date.

Cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Haarlem
When: Always scheduled on a Saturday
Group: Minimum of 10 people per group to start, and a maximum of 15 people per group.

Small Introduction of Each City


Discover why Amsterdam is known as the most liberal city in the world. How did this small fishing village become so important in the 17th century? As Dutchmen, we will tell you about the Dutch culture and famous Dutch foods.


Founded as a small fisherman’s village 800 years ago, Rotterdam soon exploited its ideal location alongside the big European rivers. The city grew into a powerful industrial and trading force until the city center was destroyed by German bombs during World War II. Walk with our local guide on the Walking Tour Rotterdam to find out where past meets future in this amazing city!

The Hague

Discover why The Hague is called the City of Peace & Justice and why the government is seated here. You will see where the Royal family goes to hang out and discover the city’s surprising division in the population.

In this tour, you will explore the beautiful historic city center and Dutch landmarks, such as the Peace Palace, the International Courthouse, the Tweede Kamer (House of Parliament), and the Royal House of Orange of Nassau. To top it off, we’ll give you good recommendations on what other places to visit and what to do in and around this bustling city.


Our local guides will take you on a journey through Utrecht and tell you about the history, hidden gems and give you tips on where to go next in this beautiful city! Ever wanted to know where the top of the Dom Tower will land if it fell over? Do you want to hug a life-sized Miffy? Do you want to have a beer in a hidden church or would you like to know how to not to get run over by one of the ten-thousand cyclists that pass you in Utrecht every day? This and many more things you will find out on our walking tour!


In this tour you will get to go around the charming town of Haarlem, or ‘Little Amsterdam’ as it is endearingly called. We will explore this beautiful city whose historic center is virtually free of cars. Learn about the history of Holland’s most famous flower and the major artistic influence of the painter Frans Hals. Find the hidden gems of Haarlem and what places we like to go to by ourselves.

Haarlem is perfect for a walking tour as the center is almost free from cars! This place will surely make you feel the history of the 17th century Haarlem!