New to Dutch Culture

New to Dutch Culture is a workshop wherein you will learn about the Dutch culture and society. This is a reflective workshop enabling the participants to have a premise for their life in the Netherlands. We will explore the Dutch work culture and lifestyle. This is a great course for your new international employees that can be a part of their onboarding experience. This course will be led by someone who has walked that path as an expat here in the Netherlands.

This workshop will be offered by Veena Joseph, the founder of Forerunners Consulting and Coaching. She has lived in the Netherlands for more than 8 years as an expat. She is also an Access Trainer and the co-founder of SheSustains, an online non-profit community for women.

Raising Third Culture Kids

This is a parenting workshop for parents who are raising kids that are living away from their home country. Here you will learn the nuances of raising children in a culture that you are not originally from. More details will be provided soon!