Growth and Development

September 19, 2020

Starting Time : 13:00
Duration : 2 hours
Cost : Free
Project Manager at Bilfinger Tebodin, CEO of Unikblends and Co-founder of SheSustains
With a background in chemical engineering and a career built in project management, Christy loves fusing ideas and collaborating with people to create sustainable realities that will help solve challenges in global sustainability. She has over 10 years of experience in project management. Her passion on nature and sustainability, combined with the desire to contribute a sustainable value, led her to create UnikBlends. UnikBlends promotes ethical, fair and sustainable production of contemporary outfits and accessories that are handmade from sustainably-sourced African fabrics. She believes in sharing stories that matter which also led her to co-lead SheSustains. SheSustains is a non-profit initiative based in The Netherlands that offers a safe space and ample time for reflection and sharing in the form of an annual Retreat and Sharing Stories that Matter events. They believe through these get-togethers, they can support, inspire and nourish each other, on our individual journeys and collectively have sustainable impact in making our world better. She will share her story and lessons from being a young student in Europe.

The Hague walking tour

September 5, 2020

Starting Time : 11:00 am
Duration : 2 hours
Cost : 5 euro per person
Meeting point : In front of museum Mauritshuis

Hallo allemaal, welcome to The Hague!

Soon you are going to join our The Hague walking tour. How exciting! I think you have made a great decision to join us. The Hague is the nicest and most interesting city of the country! I might be a bit biased though, since I am from The Hague originally and lived here most of my life.

My name is Milan, 26 years old and a proud resident of Den Haag (that’s the Dutch name for The Hague). I have a great passion for traveling and have visited many countries in the past years (also quite a few in Asia!) I studied to become an Engineer, and through my university and work, I was able to live in Japan for a year, and later also work in Canada and Madagascar. During all my travels, I have met so many nice people and locals who often showed me around or helped me. Now it’s my turn to do something for others, so here I am.

I know what it feels like to move to a new country which is completely unknown to you. You don’t know the language, the culture or any of the people. This can be exciting, but also a bit frightening at the beginning. To help you get settled, I would like to take you on a tour around Den Haag and help you discover some of the nicest spots in town.

During the two-hour tour, we will walk around the city centre of Den Haag. I will tell you all about its history and show you many interesting buildings, including the Royal Palace, the seat of the Government and one of the oldest churches in the country. I will try to make the tour as interactive as possible and you’ll hear a lot of fun facts that even most Dutch people don’t know! I will also show you my favourite restaurants, bars and markets, and can give recommendations on other places to visit. To top it off, you’ll learn some Dutch words and jokes and at the end of the tour there is a traditional Dutch snack for everyone!

I hope all of you will be able to join my tour. Overall, the tour is also a great way to meet some other Au Pairs in the country and make new friends. Please feel free to ask me any questions about the tour or Den Haag.

Hope to see you soon! Tot binnenkort! 😊